Strength Mandala
January 6th-26th


6-8AM with Troy Munsey/Angela Patriarca

BYS Pop-up
4379 30th Street #3
San Diego CA 92104

This 21-day training is great for those who want to build confidence balancing away from the wall or develop general strength in their upper body and core. During this training, students will explore and develop 3 main abilities of strength: balancing inverted away from the wall, floating or jumping through the hands, and general arm strength ability. The first 7 days are spent establishing the 7 foundational aspects of the body: spinal twist, hip opening, backbend, forward fold, forearm stand, handstand and shoulder stand. During the second and third week, student’s learn kriyas used to develop the 3 main abilities listed above. Other emphasis during this training include balancing postures and splits in all directions (hanumanasana and samakonasana).

Strength Mandala (21 Days)
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Strength Mandala (10 days)
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More About Mandala Rhythm Practice

What is it?
This 21-day training exposes students to the core curriculum of the Bheemashakti Yoga System. Instruction focuses on developing specific openings or abilities in the body by practicing carefully chosen kriyas in a prescribed sequence. The mandala rhythm provides the deepest experience of the process of transforming the body.

Who is it for?
Mandala style practice is suitable for anyone who has interest in mastering their bodies and drastically improving their strength or flexibility. It is especially appealing to curious and strategic minds.

What will you learn?
Throughout the 21-days you will learn a combination of breathing techniques, physical exercises, and meditations that prepare the body for intensive practice. You will also learn how to develop specific abilities (i.e. handstands, drop backs, lotus) and a strategic approach to achieving your goals.

What will you get?
Because this training provides the grounds for going deep into the process of transformation, you will receive individualized instruction by senior Bheemashakti Yoga Instructors. This will ensure the safety and efficacy of practice. At the end of the cycle you will leave with a direct experience and personal understanding of both foundational and advanced Bheemashakti Yoga concepts.