Said to be a direct path to enlightenment, Ashtanga Pranayama is known only by a few masters in India. It is the basis of Swara Yoga and unrelated to the breathing practices taught in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. Traditionally, Ashtanga Pranayama is taught in very exclusive circles in which individuals renounce their physical lives in order to pursue spiritual awakening. Master H.R. Suresh has made this practice accessible to Indian and western students without sannyas (renunciation).

Ashtanga Pranayama is an involved process and takes many years to complete. There are 8 series and each series is divided into 8 stages. Each stage is further divided into 3 parts. The process includes exercises in breath regulation, concentration, and meditation. As a whole the practice is much more subtle and in-depth and it involves analysis by a master in the advanced stages. The approach as taught by Jonathan Patriarca and his students at the Bheemashakti Yoga School is purely practical. The idea is that through direct experience of the techniques, theories are understood and questions are answered.  For a deep experience in Ashtanga Pranayama study under Master Suresh is required

*It is advised that Ashtanga Pranayama be practiced in correct order and timing, otherwise, physical and energetic illnesses could occur.