Legs, Backbend, Handstand, Shoulderstand

Warm up, Bastrika Breathing, Meditation, Standing Leg Extension (Side), Standing Leg Extension (Forward), Standing Balancing, Forward Bend Kriya, Standing Backbend (single arm and double arm), Easy Backbend with Kapalabhati, Forward Bend Routine, 1st Stage Handstand, 2nd Stage Handstand Kick up, Shoulderstand Roll, Meditation

  • Warm up
  • Bastrika Breathing 
  • Meditation


1. Standing Leg Extension (Side)

2. Standing Leg Extension (Forward)

3. Standing Balancing


4. Forward Bend Kriya


5. Standing Backbend (single arm and double arm)


6. Easy Backbend with Kapalabhati



7. Forward Fold Routine


8. 1st Stage Handstand


9. 2nd Stage Handstand Kick up


10. Shoulderstand Roll

  • Meditation