Mandala Rhythm

A mandala is a cycle of disciplined yoga practice that follows the cycles of nature. It is usually done in a 48 day practice intensive. This is the one of the most important concepts of the Bheemashakti Yoga System. Working with the Seven Dimensions of the Body is an effective way to balance and energize the body. However, combining this process with the Mandala Concept is the deepest and most effective way of practicing yoga.

In ideal circumstances, the Mandala Concept includes 2 practices per day, diet modification, specific timings of practice, and a deeper awareness of the body. The intention of the Mandala Concept is the transformation of the physical body. However, after a lot of experimentation, 1 practice per day seems to be more manageable, given our daily responsibilities. During a mandala, students practice early every morning for either 21 or 48 day cycles. In the case of a 48 day Mandala, there is 1 week of rest after the first 21 days and then practice is continued for another 21 day rhythm.

*In order to practice yoga using the Mandala Concept the student must have enough free time to do so. Furthermore, all stressors (job, relationship, finances) must be at the minimum level for a successful yoga practice. Most of the focus is on the body and mind processes that are experienced during a mandala.

** Mandala Rhythm is not a yoga lifestyle.